8 Ultimate Bathroom Tile Ideas 2020

8 Ultimate Bathroom Tile Ideas 2020

Bathroom tiles form a considerable part of your bathroom renovation budget. To maximise your investment and minimise the hassle of replacing them, you’ll want to choose tiles that you’re going to love for a long time to come.

Whether you’re renovating a small bathroom, an en-suite or a larger space, we’ve chosen 8 of our favourite bathroom tile ideas to bring your walls, floors and shower unit to life – both now and in the future.

Marble bathroom tiles

Contemporary Fitted Sandwashed White and Flat Grey

Marble or marble effect bathroom tiles offer a timeless elegance that is sure to age well. Paired with a neutral colour palette, they enable you to update your bathroom look with trend-led accessories (such as peony linen and copper detailing), without changing any of the fixtures or fittings.

Metro bathroom tiles

Qube Freestanding Midnight Grey Gloss

Though metro tiles (or subway tiles as they are also known) have become increasingly popular through 2020, their simple design means that they will undoubtedly remain a strong tile choice for some time to come, with neutral colours such as white and grey enhancing their longevity.

Wood effect bathroom tiles

Contemporary Fitted Sandwashed White and Flat White

Wood effect bathroom tiles are a fantastic way of incorporating natural (yet water resistant) finishes into your decor. Consider using them across your floor and feature wall for a luxurious, impactful and seamless aesthetic.

Stone bathroom tiles

i-Line Modular Midnight Grey Gloss and Black Linear

Stone or stone effect bathroom tiles offer stunning texture, which when paired with sleek fixtures and fittings provide an incredible visual juxtaposition. Available in a variety of colours, opt for cool tones or warm hues depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

Geometric bathroom tiles

Halo Daisy White Gloss

Triangular, hexagonal, chevron, curved or irregular – geometric (or angular) bathroom tiles will certainly bring your bathroom up to date. Be bold and playful, incorporating various shapes and colours, or opt for a single style across the board for a classic look.

Rustic bathroom tiles

Halo Sandwashed White

Rustic bathroom tiles use various materials (stone, wood effect, red brick etc.) The one thing they all have in common is a distressed and/or sepia-toned aesthetic. For a more polished rustic feel, choose metallic or terracotta-coloured tiles, paired perfectly with concrete effect surfaces.

Patterned bathroom tiles

Downton Classical English Duck Egg

Terrazzo or talavera, 2020 has seen a huge surge in the desirability of patterned bathroom tiles. Perfect for floors and walls, they typically work well in mediterranean style interiors, however we also love their use in this duck egg blue farmhouse bathroom.

Herringbone bathroom tiles

Contemporary Fitted Sandwashed White

Herringbone bathroom tiles fuse together the simplicity of their metro-style cousins with geometric structure. These eye-catching tiles look fantastic in neutral tones and boast a contemporary feel that would refresh any bathroom.

If you’re thinking about transforming your bathroom in Edinburgh or East Lothian our expert team is here to help. We’d be delighted to discuss your project or any of the design inspiration above. To arrange a free consultation please email >> [email protected]

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10 Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions To Maximise Space

Mereway, English Revival, Modern Classic Collection Kitchen Island With Spice Rack

When planning a kitchen renovation it is vital to consider how you use your kitchen so that you can choose effective storage solutions suited to your lifestyle. We’ve chosen 10 of our favourite kitchen storage ideas to illustrate just how much harder your kitchen could be working for you.

Built-In Pantry

Mereway, English Revival, Signature Collection Built-In Pantry

Mereway, English Revival, Signature Collection

Is there anything more luxurious than a built-in pantry? The perfect place to store your labelled Kilner jars, this Mereway built-in pantry is a store-cupboard cooks dream. Don’t have the space for a full built-in pantry? Consider a tall pantry slider instead – perfect for making the most of tall, narrow cavities.

Built-In Drinks Station

Mereway, Cucina Colore Collection Built-In Drinks Station

Mereway, Cucina Colore Collection

If entertaining is your kitchen’s raison d’être, a built-in bar is sure to impress your guests. The mirrored back of this Mereway drinks station provides the perfect backdrop for your fine glassware and bar accessories. The functional pocket doors use slide away technology to make the most of your space, giving you room for the bar (or laundry station) you’ve always wanted.

Concealed Kitchen Appliances

Next 125, NX502 Concealed Kitchen Appliances

Next 125, NX502

If minimising countertop clutter is the main aim of your kitchen refresh, consider housing your appliances in a dedicated station like this one by Next 125. Keeping appliances off kitchen counters has strong aesthetic value and even enhances how natural light moves around the room.

Kitchen Island With Wine Rack

Mereway, English Revival, Modern Classic Collection Kitchen Island With Wine Rack

Mereway, English Revival, Modern Classic Collection

Opting for a kitchen island is a highly versatile way of tailoring your kitchen to your lifestyle – offering informal dining space, a place to cook and somewhere to gather over a glass of wine. This Mereway kitchen island has its own built-in wine rack, perfect for entertaining.

Kitchen Island With Spice Rack

Mereway, English Revival, Modern Classic Collection Kitchen Island With Spice Rack

Mereway, English Revival, Modern Classic Collection

For foodies and those who love to cook, what better place to store and showcase your extensive spice collection than a kitchen island with a built-in spice rack, just like this one by Merway.

Kitchen Island With Feature Shelves

Mereway, Cucina Colore Collection Kitchen Island With Feature Shelves

Mereway, Cucina Colore Collection

For avid readers and lovers of art, a kitchen island presents a prime location for an at home library or gallery. This Mereway kitchen island with built-in feature shelves boasts integrated lighting, perfect for displaying your curios.

Over Stove Mantle Shelf

Mereway, English Revival, Shaker Collection Over Stove Mantle Shelf

Mereway, English Revival, Shaker Collection

The space above your stove is often under-utilised, however using it as a focal point can be a good way of drawing the eye upwards and making the room appear taller. Consider placing a mantle shelf above your stove, ideal for storing cookbooks and decorative items.

Open Kitchen Shelving

Trend, Contemporary Collection Open Kitchen Shelving

Trend, Contemporary Collection

Open shelving has become a highly popular choice for kitchen storage in recent times. It is practical for busy kitchens where items are used regularly and offers a stunning showcase for beautiful cookware and dining ceramics.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Storage

Next 125, Schueller Wall-Mounted Kitchen Storage

Next 125, Schueller

Looking for next generation kitchen storage? Next 125 is renowned for its innovative solutions, designed to take your kitchen to the next level. The Next 125 Cube is a perfect example of how design and function can intersect to remove friction from your daily kitchen life, making it infinitely more enjoyable and stylish.

Built-In Kitchen Drawer Dividers

Mereway, Cucina Colore Collection Built-In Kitchen Drawer Dividers

Mereway, Cucina Colore Collection

Even the least cluttered of kitchen drawers can become messy and difficult to navigate. This handleless double base unit by Mereway incorporates internal drawers with in-built dividers, perfect for keeping your utensils organised.

If you’re thinking about transforming your kitchen in Edinburgh or East Lothian our expert team is here to help. We’d be delighted to discuss your project or any of the design inspiration above. To arrange a free consultation please email >>

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10 Ways To Make Your Home Renovation Budget Go Further

Setting a budget is an important part of any home renovation project. But how do you know what budget is reasonable and how can you make your money go further?

Good planning and working out your home renovation costs are essential. Budgets are a really helpful decision making tool that can help you avoid unexpected costs, as well as under or over investing in what is likely to be a considerable project.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #1

Invest the right amount

Before getting started, you’ll want to research how much your home renovation could add to your property value to maximise its return on investment. Local estate agents can help you learn which features and property improvements are desirable in your area (i.e. home offices or modern kitchens). A quick search of ceiling property values in the vicinity can also be helpful.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #2

Have a contingency budget

Set aside part of your overall budget for unexpected costs should they arise. The amount you reserve will likely differ depending on the size of your project, however 10-20% is a fair estimate. If your home is older (pre 1950), has moisture issues, woodworm, roof or foundation concerns, be aware that your contingency budget may need to be more generous.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #3

Remember easily forgotten costs

If you need planning permission or other types of building consent (such as a party wall agreement) these will also need to be factored into your budget. Be sure to check with your contractor if they will manage this for you or if you will need to. Remember if your home is listed or in a conservation area, this will need to be considered too.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #4

Itemise your budget

Splitting your home renovation budget into its components (i.e. lighting, hardware, flooring, cabinets, tiles, appliances etc.) makes it much easier to see which parts of your project account for the biggest spend and could offer savings if you opt for a slightly different fixture or fitting. Working with a professional is a really good way of quickly and easily assessing your options in this regard.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #5

Determine your priorities

Identifying your must-haves is an effective way of making room for compromise. For instance, a top-of-the-line stove might be really important to you, but you might also happily swap marble countertops for quartz. Alternatively, if you find a tile you really love, reserving it for the areas that actually need to be waterproof can be much more cost-effective than tiling a whole room.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #6

Choose impactful features

Similarly opting for modernising features (e.g. recessed shelving, concealed lighting, boundary free showers and handleless cabinets) can be a good way of maximising your home renovation budget’s aesthetic value. Keeping your colour palette neutral and choosing classic fixtures and fittings is another way of maximising your home renovation’s longevity and cost-effectiveness over time.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #7

Adopt trends carefully

If you’re likely to enjoy a bold, patterned tile for years to come it may be a good choice. However a classic material (such as a white subway tile) is likely to age better and provide a neutral backdrop against which you can update your home interior over the coming years. The key is to follow your own individual taste and style – moderate the impact of interior trends on your decision making.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #8

Work with a trusted contractor

Doing everything by yourself and/or hiring individual trades can be less cost-effective and more stressful in the long run than working with a single trusted contractor. Professionals undertake these projects everyday. They often have established suppliers and discounts already in place.

If you decide to choose a contractor, always read multiple reviews about those you’re considering and seek personal recommendations from people you can trust. Remember, the cheapest quotes do not always represent the best value for money.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #9

Limit moving ‘big items’

Moving certain appliances, sanitaryware, walls and windows can incur additional costs. While these changes can have a big impact on the functionality and aesthetic of your space, it is always worth considering all options with your contractor to assess the costs involved and understand if there might be more cost-effective routes to achieving similar results.

Home Renovation Budget Tip #10

Opt for energy saving solutions

Energy-saving appliances, double glazing, good insulation and water saving taps and showers are likely to pay dividends in the long run, both financially and environmentally. Sometimes, though not always, they can incur greater costs upfront. However if your home renovation budget can accommodate them, they are well worth considering.

If you’re thinking about transforming your home with a bathroom, kitchen or home office renovation in Edinburgh or East Lothian our expert team is here to help. We’d be delighted to discuss your project. Please email >>

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6 Kid-Friendly Storage Ideas & Solutions

Child’s bedroom with desk and floating shelves

Child’s bedroom with bean bag and footballs

At times, having a clean and tidy house with kids can feel unimaginable, but we’re here to tell you that it is possible! So what’s the trick?

Encouraging your kids to tidy up their toys and clothes is so much easier when you have storage solutions designed with them in mind.

Traditional shelving and storage units might be easy for you to reach and use, but they could prove too high or cumbersome for your child.

In this guide we detail some of our favourite ideas for kid-friendly storage solutions, designed to help keep the house tidy and everybody happy.

1. Crates & Baskets

Perfect for storing toys and books, soft baskets and crates are a popular and aesthetically pleasing storage solution that, when kept on the floor or at low levels, can be very easy for children to access. Turn crates on their side and stack them to create small bookshelves (ensuring they are safely secured and anchored).

2. Floating Shelves

Not only are floating shelves a great way of showcasing your child’s favourite decorative items and artistic creations, but they can be used to create an easily-accessible mini library at their bedside or reading nook. Floating shelves are especially perfect for bunk beds, preventing children from having to climb up and down ladders to fetch and put away their books.

Child’s bedroom with floating shelf

3. Cubbies

Cubbies are one of our favourite child-friendly storage ideas. These neat and tidy pull-out boxes provide the perfect, easily accessible storage solution for children – just be sure to keep the boxes lightweight and easy for little hands to pull out.

With multiple cubbies, you can designate specific boxes to each of your children and/or for specific items. What’s more, cubby solutions such as these can easily be built into bench-style seating in your living room or mudroom, maximising your available space.

Living room with child’s cubbies

4. Work Stations

Whether your child enjoys craft activities or does homework after school, giving them a dedicated work space can boost their productivity. Surround their space with easily accessible floating shelves, hanging pegs or baskets and crates so that it is easy for them to access and tidy away their supplies. Display their artwork nearby using frames, clipboards or a safely secured string with pegs.

Child’s bedroom with desk and floating shelves

5. Jar Storage

One storage solution you might choose to use around your child’s work station are labelled jars (wide-mouth plastic jars are likely safest, but mason jars and apothecary jars are an aesthetically pleasing option if safe to use).

Fill your jars with craft supplies such as pom poms, sequins, buttons and pipe cleaners, and label using blackboard stickers and chalk pens. This clever tip will keep craft supplies tidy and you will be able to see at a glance what needs to be replenished.

If displaying your craft jars on a shelf, ensure it is strong enough to take the weight, especially if over your child’s desk.

6. Wardrobe Space

Designing and fitting creative wardrobe solutions is one of our specialities. However there are a number of extra things to consider when choosing the right wardrobe for your child’s bedroom.

Firstly, ask your child how they feel about their closet. It can be a big and even scary place for a small child. If they fear it houses monsters, perhaps having an open storage solution without doors might work best? Having an easily accessible hanging rail and drawers will make it easier for your child to choose their own clothing and put garments away.

If your child sees their wardrobe as a place for adventure, consider making it even more fun with built-in nooks, hideaways and bookshelves. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they read, hide and play.

Whatever kid-friendly storage solutions you opt for, always ensure they are safely anchored, age appropriate for your child and fully baby or child proofed to prevent them presenting a health and safety hazard.

Child’s bedroom with built-in wardrobe and nook

If you’re considering transforming your home with clever storage solutions, our expert team is here to help with virtual consultations.

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How to Create a Temporary Home Office from Scratch

Home Office Bedroom

Many of us have found ourselves working and schooling from home in recent days as we deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. As we try to find home offices for ourselves, partners and children, space has never been at more of a premium.

However, there are some simple ways that you can create good working environments for everyone at home by making effective use of what’s already in your house. There are two key recommendations when creating a productive and fulfilling work space at home:

  1. Designating every person working from home their own dedicated space for work, even this is on a rotation basis.
  2. Ensuring that each space can be easily closed or tidied away at the end of the work day and kept separate from everyone’s leisure time.

Home office setup

Home office in living room

Instead of being tempted to work from the couch, try allocating a certain portion of your living room for your day’s work, ideally away from where you plan to relax and unwind later. If you have a bay window, a small desk in this space would be great. Alternatively, a foldaway bureau offers a neat and tidy solution against an available wall.

Home office in garden room

If you’re fortunate to have a summer house, garden pod or even a well maintained shed, working from the garden is a great way to separate work and home life and enjoy the outdoors. If you don’t have a desk in these spaces, garden furniture could provide a temporary solution.

Home Office - Garden Room

Home office in bedroom

If a bedroom in your home (whether the master or a guest bedroom) offers the best space for your home office, then there are ways to make it work here too. Try to maintain separation from work and home life by choosing not to work from bed. Instead, a vanity unit could become a makeshift desk, provided you have a good chair to offer you lumbar support throughout the day.

Home office essentials

Home office without a desk

Even if you’re trying to accommodate home office space for two (or more), there are a number of creative ways you designate multiple work spaces without desks. Be inventive with the surfaces you have in your home – could you use a share of the dining table or breakfast bar? Do you have foldaway dinner or laptop tables?

Home Office - Kitchen

Home office without windows

You might have an underutilised box room that could be transformed into the perfect home office, whether it has windows or not. The key is to get the right home office lighting and ensure the room has plenty of fresh air circulating. Make the most of natural light by positioning mirrors to reflect natural light into the darker space. In addition, ensure you’re using the right bulbs in your box room – giving you enough light to see and work comfortably.

Home office without equipment

Missing your second screen at the office? Small TVs can be good alternatives if you have the right cables to connect them to your laptop. Don’t have a scanner? Search the app store on your smartphone – you’ll be surprised how effective scanner apps can be. Wish you had a whiteboard? Try InVision’s Freehand mode – it’s free, interactive and fun to use.

If you’re considering making an office a permanent fixture in your home, our expert team is here to help with virtual consultations.

To arrange or for more information, please email >>

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FebruaryFavourites For 2020: 4 Rooms Of Design Inspiration

Mereway Vogue Vintage at Forever Spaces

This month we are delighted to bring you our #februaryfavourites. Join us on a trend-led journey through four key areas of your home – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and home office.

Bathroom #FebruaryFavourites

How your bathroom can boost your wellbeing

According to Elle Decor, bathrooms are far more than just functional. A well-designed bathroom is a place of sanctuary – the perfect escape to de-stress and feel rejuvenated. But how can we create such a treasured place?

How can I achieve it? | Relax and unwind with muted, natural wall colours. Opt for round edges – think roll-top baths and round mirrors – and boundary free showers. Choose natural materials with grained wood and veined marble. Be clever with storage and keep clutter to a minimum.

How to create a spa at home

Inspiration comes from all kinds of places. That’s why we’ve taken a closer look at Shani Darden’s LA-based skin-care studio – a light and airy, dream-like salon and the perfect place to inspire the creation of your spa experience at home.

How can I achieve it? | Find your unique design philosophy (i.e. fusing Scandinavian and Japanese interior styles together). Start with a clean and minimal foundation (later adding depth and warmth with organic shapes and textures). Keep it natural with matt beige, pale pink and ivory (instead of especially glossy or refined surfaces). Focus on negative space, creating a light and airy feeling (by taking a ‘less is more’ approach to furnishing).

How to light your bathroom well

Whether you’re applying make-up, trying to shave, or enjoying a relaxing bath – you will know that lighting can make or break your bathroom experience. Fortunately Elle Decor has published a thought piece designed to shine a light on all you need to know.

How can I achieve it? | Firstly think about how much natural daylight there is in your bathroom and how you use the room. Choose lighting that gives you the closest colour to natural daylight in the places you need it. Light bathroom mirrors evenly from both sides to minimise shadows. Create ambience with recessed lights behind opaque panels. Control bathroom lighting via at least two different circuits – one for downlights, one for wall lights – and use dimmers to create different moods.

Bathroom Brand Focus: Mereway Vogue Vintage

Mereway Vogue Vintage at Forever Spaces

Showcasing many of the elements from our bathroom #FebruaryFavourites is the Mereway Vogue Vintage bathroom. With its natural wall colours, wood grained finish, boundary free shower and ample storage – this bathroom has all the features of an at-home spa. Lights have been installed evenly over the mirror to make practical tasks such as shaving and applying make-up easier, and minimised over the bath to aid relaxation.

Forever Spaces Bathrooms At Home

Want to create your own home spa experience? Book a free on-site design consultation with our expert team to discover what’s possible.

Bedroom #FebruaryFavourites

How to create the best environment for sleep

Sleep science authority, The Sleep Foundation, has used its decades of experience to create a helpful guide detailing how to create the best environment for sleep.

How can I achieve it? | Dim the lights in your home an hour before you go to bed. Ensure your bedroom is tidy to help you relax. Find the right room temperature for you. Think about your mattress, pillows and sheets – do you find them comfortable? Minimise background noise as much as possible. Try aromatherapy – lavender fragrances can help ease you into sleep.

How to make effective use of your sleeping space

With space increasingly at a premium, many of us are making the most of smaller spaces. The Never Too Small YouTube series highlights the very best of small space architecture and provides stunning inspiration for your own underutilised spaces.

How can I achieve it? | In open plan or smaller living spaces, use sliding screens to create flexible separation. No space for bedside tables? Try building bedside nooks, with integrated lighting, into your wall cavity. Raise your bed to permit ample under-bed drawer storage. Minimise the colour palette in your space, keeping it neutral. Create a luxurious feel with concealed lighting.

How to sleep under the stars

Even if you aren’t blessed with the stunning surroundings of the Harlosh Black H on Skye there is still much we can learn from its stunning design when it comes to bringing the magical night sky indoors.

How can I achieve it? | Invite the outdoors in with floor-to-ceiling windows. Position your bed directly in front of your bedroom’s view. Keep the view pristine by opting for motorised black out blinds and consider creating a smart recess in the ceiling for their storage.

Bedroom Brand Focus: Elise Contemporary Floating Bedside Drawer Cameo

Elise Bedroom Furniture at Forever Spaces

Creating space and luxury is this floating bedside table from Elise. As a contemporary storage solution it offers the serenity created by clean lines and clutter-free surfaces. Keep its natural materials palette consistent with the rest of your room for an overall softening of the space.

Kitchen #FebruaryFavourites

How to find your ‘right-size’ living

Our homes should be our sanctuary, not a source of stress. If your house is starting to get on top of you, it might be worth assessing how you use the space and redesigning your rooms to fit how you and your family live.

How can I achieve it? | Make your kitchen look longer with far-reaching surfaces. Ensure your storage solutions are versatile enough to accommodate many different items. Make the most of all spaces, no matter how small, with hidden drawers, cupboards and recesses.

How to organise your pantry like a pro

If you’re into home organisation and haven’t yet seen the Home Edit, now is the time. From organising closets to playrooms and pantries – it’s little wonder they are home organisers to the stars. However you don’t have to live in LA to adopt their wise philosophy.

How can I achieve it? | Store loose pantry items such as pasta, grains and cereal in transparent canisters or clip-top jars. Group similar packaged products together in baskets and acrylic bins to make searching, stock rotation and cleaning simpler. Arrange smaller items (such as spice jars) on turntables or lazy susans, making the most of your space. Label all of your containers consistently to help maintain your pantry organisation.

Why doing your laundry never needs to be dull again

What can we learn from a bright yellow laundromat on the Hudson River? Apart from being highly aesthetically pleasing, the Germantown Laundromat is a sustainability-focused textiles hub across the Atlantic which has made us think about how we can inject a little more levity into our daily chores whilst also thinking about the planet.

How can I achieve it? | However big or small, create a designated laundry area with cleverly designed storage solutions and doors to hide it away. Inside add a ‘mend and repair’ station with your sewing kit/machine nearby, ready to fix garments while they’re top of your mind. Store laundry detergent in labelled, refillable containers to minimise plastics waste.

Kitchen Brand Focus: Mereway Storage Solutions & In Cabinet Options

Mereway Kitchens - Forever Spaces East Lothian

We love this neat and tidy laundry cupboard by Mereway Kitchens. It makes excellent use of available space by placing the dryer on top of the washing machine and creating flexible storage space in the surrounding area, including designated space for the iron, ironing board and that all important ‘mend and repair,’ station.

Forever Spaces Kitchens At Home

Want to reimagine your kitchen? Speak to our team today and arrange a free on-site design consultation to explore the possibilities.

Office #FebruaryFavourites

What we can learn about office design from WeWork

WeWork is known for redefining the coworking space. While kombucha on tap, DJ booths and half pipes might be beyond the reach of most home offices, there is a lot we can learn from WeWortk when it comes to work life integration and creativity in your home office space.

How can I achieve it? | Think about your work style – does a minimal space ease distractions, or would you prefer a ‘lounge’ style office space with a wall-to-wall library? Think about the view – if you have a garden or garden-facing office, consider optimising this space. Create room for work and play, with even a small fun or creative outlet in your home office.

Why feng-shui could boost prosperity

In parts of South Korea, developers are building inner-city artificial mountains in pursuit of feng-shui. While achieving inner-city green space might not always require such feats of engineering (or horticulture) the benefits of introducing more plant life in your environment are widely proven. This is just one aspect of feng-shui that could boost your home office.

How can I achieve it? | Design your home office with your success, well-being, and productivity in mind – including items that inspire you. Ensure you have plenty of natural light and air-purifying plants. Schedule clutter-clearing sessions to create a neat and tidy space and minimise the energy drain that clutter causes.

How to optimise your workspace for productivity

Whether you adopt feng-shui or the creative ideas demonstrated by WeWork, there are a number of small tweaks you can make to your home office to boost productivity. OnOffice Magazine has summarised 10 ways to make your home office work harder for you.

How can I achieve it? | Avoid heavy and bulky furniture, lighter alternatives offer more flexibility. Multipurpose spaces – such as sit-stand desks – can also accommodate your working needs as they change. Introduce a paperless workspace, removing paper notes and physical documents, opting instead for digital versions to minimise storage and clutter.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our #FebruaryFavourites series and have taken some design inspiration for your own space.

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Top 9 Interior Trends For 2020

Brutalist Concrete Interior Flooring

Ever-changing macro factors are influencing every aspect of our lives – including our interiors. With home decor now linked closely with self-care, it is unsurprising that we are tending to our environments with increased attention. A desire for more with less, conscious consumerism and natural materials are shaping the interiors landscape for 2020.

1. Kitchen Gardens

Ever since we started installing bifolding doors in our social spaces, bringing the outside in has been at the front of everyone’s minds. Whether you opt for a kitchen garden, desktop succulent or macrame pot holder, living plants do much for the freshness and vitality of a space. Struggle to keep them alive? Botanical prints make a good alternative.

2. Brutalist Revival

Brutalist Concrete Interior Flooring

The brutalist revival prompted a new found appreciation for concrete. A quick fix for floors, countertops and backboards, it adds a metropolitan finish to a variety of interior styles. Now with enhanced printing techniques, achieving the urban concrete-effect has never been easier. This is perhaps why concrete-effect surfaces have become more prominent in designer collections. A material that only gets stronger with age – concrete is here to stay.

3. Recycled Materials

Next time throw something in the skip, give it a second thought. Even if you don’t have a use for it in your current renovation, would someone else? Reclaimed and recycled materials have become increasingly popular as we become more environmentally and economically conscious. Old carcasses might only need new doors, whilst unit doors could be completely transformed with paint and new handles (think copper or tarnished brass to keep them on trend).

4. Modern Profiles

Modern Kitchen Profiles

It isn’t just the tech in our homes and pockets that are decreasing in depth. Hectic schedules and busy lives are leading us to opt for paired back and minimal interiors in search of calm. From decluttered spaces with efficient storage solutions to ultra-thin countertops, this appealing aesthetic offers a clean and sharp look.

5. New Neutrals

There’s no better way to futureproof your colour palette than by choosing neutral tones. The popular chalk palette has graduated, with stone colours now in the fore. Contemporary designs are opting for dark shades such as graphite. Stone variations make versatile and customisable foundations for a variety of interiors.

6. Choosing Wood

Wood panelling

The recent trend of plywood wall panelling and kitchen cupboards may leave many of us unsure, however wood (in all its forms) continues to be a grounding feature in the home. Naturally pale tones can give a space warmth, creating clean and comfortable interiors.

7. Handcrafted Furniture

The carbon value of materials has never been so great. As such we are increasingly looking to minimise waste and avoid excess. From open or free-standing shelving and custom-made features to reclaimed furniture, thrifty interiors enthusiasts are upcycling and crafting wherever possible – making their own personal mark in the process.

8. Personalisation

Personalised kitchen interior

The love of customisation has surged across home and lifestyle trends. From personalised prints to hand-drawn sketches, there is plenty of room for truly making a space our own. Playful choices in print and colour have extended themselves from our walls to our linens and now are reflected in highly popular talavera tiles.

9. Embracing Contrast

Set your space apart visually by mixing up textures and colours. Think matt kitchen cupboards with glossy countertops, or boldly contrasting colours, such as Pantone’s bejeweled 2013 Colour of the Year ‘Emerald,’ with its 2016 blush successor ‘Rose Quartz.’

Read more >> https://foreverspaces.co.uk/inspired-colours-to-decorate-your-home-in-2020/

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A Decade Of Colour: Inspired Colours To Decorate Your Home With In 2020

Inspired Colours To Decorate Your Home With In 2020

If you have spent weeks swatching your walls and eyeing up new furnishings, but still can’t decide on your interiors colour palette, or have no idea where to begin, we’re here to help. 

As we approach the new year, we have revisited some of our favourite colours of the decade, taken a look at Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020 and reflected on how intrinsically these annual colour ‘signals’ are woven into the fabric of our homes.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 – Rose Quartz

Pantone Rose Quartz 13-1520 TCX

Pantone’s 2016 Colour of the Year preceded the world’s enchantment with this pale pink mineral. Symbolising love and harmony, not only did the crystal and accessories of its colour start to feature heavily in our homes, it inspired a wider rose quartz interiors movement.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 – Living Coral

Pantone Living Coral 16-1546 TCX


For 2019, Living Coral served as an emboldened graduation of 2016’s Rose Quartz. In the intervening time, soft blush hues found their way throughout our interiors, with plush velvet armchairs, rose gold accessories and pink Christmas ornaments.

How to Feature Rose Quartz & Living Coral in your Bedroom

Opt for the clean and contemporary Elise Bedroom in Champagne Avola. Accessorise pumice surfaces with chrome and use Farrow & Ball’s ‘Setting Plaster.’

Pantone Colour of the Year 2013 – Emerald

Pantone Emerald 17-5641 TCX

Jetting across the colour wheel is Pantone’s captivating 2013 Colour of the Year ‘Emerald’ – luxurious and bejewelled. For the bold, Emerald contrasts beautifully with blush pink and restores balance.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2010 – Turquoise

Pantone Turquoise 15-5519 TCX

If emerald’s deep lustre is too rich for you, consider soothing Turquoise – Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2010. It is as fresh today as it was 10 years ago and works beautifully with light neutrals or metallics.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 – Classic Blue

Pantone Classic Blue 19-4052 TCX

Classic blue and its variants have already made their way into our interiors. It is easy to see why this soothing, stylish shade is quickly becoming the colour of the decade.

How to Feature Classic Blue in your Kitchen

Go bold with the Schuller Next 125 NX902 Kitchen in Indigo Blue, featuring dark blue kitchen units complemented with earthy wood panelling. Or try deep blue walls with metro tiles, marble surfaces, wooden floors and brass finishings.

If you want to renovate and transform your space in the new year, then get in touch with Forever Spaces for your free home visit.

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Investing in the Team at Forever Spaces

Forever Spaces in Haddington has doubled the size of its team to eight in-house designers, fitters, project managers, a showroom manager and a new joiner to ensure its well equipped for the expanding workload.

The newest recruits are Fiona Morrison, an interior designer from Port Seton who has made Haddington her home, and Bob Black from Macmerry who joined Forever Spaces from Laurence Mackintosh, the Edinburgh joinery and cabinet makers.

Forever Spaces is one of the only East Lothian firms to employ and train apprentices. Both Jack in Plumbing and Robson in Joinery are from Musselburgh, and are just over a year into their apprenticeships. They were selected from more than 180 applicants.

“We introduced an apprentice scheme to invest in our commitment to excellent customer service,” says Rod Williams, the founder of Forever Spaces who lives in Longniddry.

“Few kitchen, bathroom and bedroom installers are training their own employees; there is a shortage of highly skilled tradespeople which makes it more difficult to maintain high standards, so our apprentice installers spend many weeks in the classroom, supported by hands-on training and mentoring from our highly experienced staff.”

“To make Brexit work we need properly trained apprentices,” adds Rod Williams. “We want to invest in local talent and develop our team so that they understand our ethos and the high standard of workmanship we deliver.”

“Our home, play and work spaces all have to work hard for us. Here at Forever Spaces, we work hard for our customers to make sure that happens” says Fiona Morrison, the new showroom manager, who previously lectured in interior design in Sydney.

“Our homes and offices should bring us comfort and joy, and aid productivity, but the design challenges can be overwhelming. That’s where Forever Spaces can help, with tailor-made solutions specific to your needs.

“An interior designer understands much more than colour, fabric and furnishings; they also work with space, flow and ergonomics. Good design brings beauty into the home. Our clients want their homes to sparkle, they want that wow factor, and to share their homes beautiful with friends and family.

“Kitchens, for example, work very hard in the home, so they must be designed for the homeowners’ lifestyle. They’re a big investment, and one that we want to get right. Our fitted wardrobes are designed and costed in front of the client so that every shelf and hinge cost is known in advance, and can be adjusted to suit any budget requirements.

“The relationship between designer and client is one of trust and understanding. That’s why it’s really important to listen to our clients and understand their desires.”

“The team at Forever Spaces works hard to really understand our clients’ requirements, in terms of design, space, and budget. This means asking a lot of questions and trying not to make any assumptions. We never forget that it’s their project. We want our clients to ‘Love the home they’re in’,” concludes Rod Williams.

You can visit Forever Space’s new showroom at 1-2 Church Street at the end of the Haddington High Street for a coffee and complimentary design meeting. If you mention this article, you’ll be entitled to a £150 discount on any project.

Growing a Talented Team in East Lothian

Forever Spaces Staff

Forever Spaces in Haddington, founded in 2015, has grown its local team to eight designers, fitters and project managers, and has just added a showroom manager and new joiner. The company designs and installs stylish kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes from its new showroom at 1-2 Church Street, Haddington, and their purple liveried vans can now be seen driving around East Lothian and Edinburgh.

The newest recruits are Fiona Morrison from Haddington, and Bob Black from Macmerry who joined Forever Spaces from Laurence Mackintosh, the renowned Edinburgh joinery and cabinet makers.

Forever Spaces is one of the only East Lothian firms of home designers and installers to employ and train apprentices; meet Jack in Plumbing and Robson in Joinery. Both Jack and Robson are from Musselburgh, and are just over a year into their apprenticeships. They were selected from more than 180 applicants.

“We like to invest in local talent and develop our own team who understand high standards,” says Rod Williams, who founded Forever Spaces.

“Our company vision is to simply design and bring to life your dreams for your home, from clever storage solutions to beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and home offices.

“We want to really understand your requirements, in terms of design, space and budget, so we ask a lot of questions and try not to make any assumptions. We never forget that it’s your project.

“Inspiration is key. We want you to ‘Love the home you’re in’.”

Rod continues: “We aim to offer a new concept in interior design and installation by focusing on creating space in our clients’ homes to provide low maintenance, beautiful spaces with clever storage.

“When it comes to project managing a client’s installation, we know that home improvements can be challenging and want to ensure that they’re happy at every stage of the process. The key is clear and open communication, so that we can achieve our ambition of creating flawless installations.”

Having performed a full pre-installation site survey, the Forever Spaces installation team arrive at the agreed time in their liveried vans. Each installation is fully project managed to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time, wherever possible.

You can visit Forever Space’s new showroom at 1-2 Church Street at the end of the Haddington High Street for a coffee and complimentary design meeting.

Forever Spaces is also exhibiting at the Edinburgh Home Building and Renovating Show at the Royal Highland Centre on 21-22 October.